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Al Yasat Private School

Middle School - High School


Abdallah Higazy Math Head of Department
Chad Robinson Head of English Department

Mr. Chad Robinson hails from the radiant island of Jamaica where the beauty of nature is only matched by the warmth of its people. A firm believer in the value of humanity, Chad considers each life to be the most important resource this world has to offer. This philosophy translates directly into the classroom as he focuses on the holistic development of his students; training and challenging them to become their best social and academic selves. Chad believes that the classroom is a space for action research and that each lesson provides an opportunity to improve pedagogy and ultimately maximize the teaching and learning process. He is a lover of the literary arts who enjoys reading all genres of literature but is most passionate about poetic criticism. He devotes his time, effort and skills to imparting knowledge and impacting learners at the secondary and tertiary levels. For Chad, the most rewarding thing about the field of education is taking a student from the limiting shades of the unknown into the enlightenment of the known.

Lorenzo Christopher Smith Grade 10 Grade Level Leader
Rasha Aqqad Islamic Studies Teacher/ Grade 8 Grade Level Leader

Rasha obtained Bachelor in Islamic Law - Sharia (Religion Essentials). Before coming to Al Yasat Private School she taught Islamic Studies for two years in Emirates Private School covering grades 5-10 for both boys and girls. Prior to emirates Private School, Rasha taught in Egypt for two years. She is a positive, hardworking teacher who does her best to develop students’ level in Islamic Studies in accordance with the vision, mission of ADEC and the vision and mission of the school, in cooperation with all parties involved in the educational process.

Mohammed Hassan Arabic Teacher / Geade 6 Grade Level Leader

Mr. Mohamed Sayed Hassan is from Egypt. He studied Arabic and Islamic through the Faculty of Education at the Assut University in Egypt. He has 11 years’ teaching experience in Arabic and Islamic Studies in the UAE. His first teaching experience was teaching elementary, middle and high school students in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He joined the Al Yasat family in 2015 as an Arabic teacher.

Manal Steitiyeh MS/HS Science Teacher/HoD Science
Manal graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Biology and Environmental Sciences from Beirut Arab University. Then she earned her Master's Degree in Molecular Biology (Genetic Engineering) from Beirut Arab University in cooperation with the American University of Beirut. With an experience of 9 years as a science teacher and Principal’s assistant with the UNITED NATIONS SCHOOLS, Manal has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in curriculum development and planning. Manal has a teaching diploma from the UN Education Department and was a lecturer of the undergraduate’s science strand for new staff in the UN. Manal prepared remedial courses in science for different classes and provided targeted intervention for boys and girls across a number of UN Schools.
Steluta (Stela) Samuela PE Teacher/HoD Creative and Performing Arts MS/HS
Stela Samuela has lived in Abu Dhabi for 12 years. Before being appointed at Al Yasat, Stela taught PE at GEMS American Academy School, The Cambridge High School and Choueifat School. She spent her childhood at the Romanian National Gymnastics School in Deva and in her teenage years studied dance at the Romulus Ladea Ballet and Theatre School. At Babes Bolyai University in Cluj –Napoca Stela graduated with a BA in sports and physical education and a MA in Sports management. She has a keen interest in fitness, gymnastics, soccer and mixed martial arts. This is her second year at Al Yasat Private School and is the current head of department where she is teaching the middle school students PE. She has a passion in making learning fun, and inspiring students be the best they can be. In addition to her work at Al Yasat, Stela had the privilege to coach at the Manchester United Soccer School in Abu Dhabi. For more than 10 years she coached U11 to U19 boys’ and girls’ soccer teams. Stela has coached swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, cross-country and track and field.
Samia Zaigham MS/HS ICT/STEM Teacher/HoD Design Technology
Samia graduated in Computer Science and has completed her Masters in Education, Planning and Management. She has taught for 10 years and is enjoying her teaching and learning experience with diverse group of students and institutions. Samia is a dedicated, resourceful and innovative instructor who strives to help students to improve their grades and transform their study periods into an exciting experience. She believes in supporting student’s social and intellectual growth by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication.
Alaa Shalaby MS/HS HoD Arabic

Mr. Alaa Shalaby graduated from Cairo University with BA in Arabic Language and Islamic studies 1998. Hold higher Diploma of modern pedagogy for Arabic language issued by Tanta university- 2001. and hold second diploma of SEN teaching (intellectual disability and disorder) issued by Menoufia University - 2005 Mr. Alaa has worked in the Egypt Ministry of Education for 10 years teaching Arabic language and Islamic studies and then moved to the KSA to teach in International schools for about 5 years. and then moved to the UAE to teach in international schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for about 4 years. He is delighted to work with Al Yasat team. He is a social and open-minded person who likes to have friends from all over the world. He has the ability to deal with all the individual students and their differences easily by using the 21st century skills and using the student’s capabilities.

Hanan Ghania MS/HS Arabic Teacher
Hanan graduated from Ain Shams University in Cairo with BA in Arabic Literature. She worked in the Egypt Ministry of Education for 8 years teaching Arabic language, and then moved to the UAE to teach in private schools for about 9 years. She is delighted to join Al Yasat team this year. Hana is a social and open-minded person who likes to have friends from all over the world.
Gabrielle Sewell MS/HS Maths Teacher
Gabrielle Sewell was born in Dallas,Tx (USA), where she spent most of her childhood. She attended Prairie View A&M University where she received her Bachelors of Science in Mathematics(2016) and received her Master in Educational Administration(2017). She taught middle school mathematics for three years in Houston,Tx. As an educator, She have developed a philosophy to provide quality and meaningful education to all of her students. Appropriate practice exercises and hands on activities should be developed to assist in their exploration of the world around them. Providing positive guidance and positive reinforcement will give light to pleasant learning experience. Parents should be engaged in their child’s learning activities and form a team relationship to ensure a safe environment for their children. However, her focus is developing a program that will assist the child in growing to his or her fullest potential through each stage of development and fashioning a curriculum that will nurture and facilitate growth during each stage.As an effective mathematics teachers should be able to apply advanced learning theories, teaching skills, and technology in mathematics instruction in order to really promote students’ performance and understanding, improve out-of-data instruction of teaching, and align curriculum to standards.She also feel that each child must have the opportunity to move about in an environment filled with many attractive and stimulating things to do. The surrounding environment must evolve with the child to keep his or her interest alive. Finally, by respecting each child’s ability to create, She can help develop an independent, unique human being ready to face the world. Outside of teaching, Gabrielle’s interests are reading, sports, and Traveling. She is delighted to join Al Yasat team this year.
Triona Folan MS/HS English Teacher

Tríona is from a wonderful part of Ireland known as Connemara in County Galway. She studied in Mary Immaculate College where she undertook a Liberal Arts degree in Irish and English and also completed a module in TEFL. She then decided to pursue a career in teaching and completed a Professional Diploma in Education (University of Limerick) in 2014 which, focused on Language Learning where she specialized in Irish and English as an Additional Language. Sport has always played an important role in her life as she has played Gaelic Football and Basketball since she can remember. Having been steeped in Irish language, culture and traditions since she was a child, Tríona is interested in exploring and experiencing these aspects in other parts of the world. Music, poetry and drama are just some of the other avenues that interest Tríona, which, alongside her desire to engage with various learning strategies and teaching methodologies, can often times present themselves in the learning environment.

Richa Tiwari MS/HS Science Teacher
Richa Tiwari is a Canadian certified Science and Chemistry Teacher. Richa has done B.Sc, M.Sc, BEd, and M.Ed. Before coming to Abu Dhabi, she was a high School teacher in Canada for 7 years. She is aptitude to remain flexible, ensuring that every child's learning styles and abilities are addressed. She enjoys utilizing ICT technology and practical experiments to bring Science to life and ultimately maximize learning experiences both inside and outside of class. She believes that it is important to not only strive for high academic standards but to also nurture independent, confident, kind and caring learners who aim high and aspire to achieve their full potential.
Lamon Davis Grade12 Grade Level Leader MS/HS Science Teacher

Mr. Lamon began his career as a science teacher in 2009 after completing a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Physics and Biology with a minor in education. It was his goal to be a physics and science teacher when he entered the University of Technology, Jamaica and he discovered that it suited him very well and his advisors recommended he continued his pursuits. On graduation he applied for a position as an adjunct Physics Lecturer in his faculty and was successfully appointed. His first assignment after that one year with the university was teaching at an all-boy school for another year before moving to an all-girl school where he taught Physics for four years. He then left to teach at a private school – Hillel Academy- to become internationally trained and gain that international experience. He also lectured at the University of the West Indies, Mona during this time while pursuing a Master’s degree in Medical Physics. He was a good physics student in college and quickly developed an ambition to pursue a gradu te degree in physics. He flirted with the idea of studying physics in the United States or Canada and then opted to consider his local university. He has travelled to many countries and hope his wealth of educational, cultural, social and psycho-emotional experiences will continue to make him an excellent educator.

Amr Hamed MS/HS UAE Social Studies Teacher/G11 Grade Level Leader
Nahla Mansour Saleh MS/HS UAE Social Studies Teacher

Nahla is an Egyptian teacher of about 10 years of experience in the career of Education. She has taught Arabic Social Studies for different grades and multiple curricula. She believes in the quote “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. She finds herself among her students helping, supporting, guiding and assisting them especially those who need help. She is updated with the latest teaching strategies which enable her to work properly on individual differentiations and enriching the gifted and talented ones, as well. Her friendly character and positive attitudes with the students help her gain their confidence and build bridges of friendship, mutual respect and positive environment for teaching and learning. She feels very contented and excited to be part of Al Yasat Family.

Daunaree Vivia Jackson MS/HS Manual Arts Teacher
Miss Daunaree has always had a love for art. She actualized her love for visual arts, by attaining her bachelor’s degree in Art Education from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica, specializing in Ceramics and Printmaking. She is well equipped with a wealth of experience from serving her country as a Visual Arts Specialist through planning and executing art exhibitions and working with students of all ages, from all walks of life. Daunaree believes that one of her core attitudes towards teaching is to develop a dynamic, creative environment that nurtures conducive learning for students. Her mantra for teaching is to provide guidance, counseling and discipline necessary to encourage students to exceed standards of achievement in a creative environment. She enjoys reading, travelling and photography. She is pleased to be a part of the Al Yasat team and is looking forward to making a positive change in the lives of her students through art.
Thabet Awad Issa Obeidat MS/HS Career Guidance Counselor and SEN

Thabet Obeidat has a B.A degree in counseling and mental health graduated from University of Jordan 1999 and has been working in the field of student services since 2000. After five years in Jordanian schools, he shifted to join the Emirate of Abu Dhabi community from 2005. Thabet has more than 13 years of experience inside the UAE with my wife and four kids, helping and supporting school environments to gain more developed skills and increase students awareness toward the best of their shining future. Thabet collaborates with educators, parents, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school and the community helping students and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.

Kellina Pillay MS/HS Math Teacher/G7 Grade Level Leader

Kellina Pillay is from Cape Town, South Africa. In 2016, she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor's in Education from Nelson Mandela University. She has over four years of high school teaching experience. The main reason Kellina decided to become a teacher is to make a difference in the lives of the children and ultimately the future generation. After 5 years of working in the financial sector, she decided to follow her dream of becoming a teacher. In 2019, Kellina graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with an Advanced Diploma in Mathematics. Her interests include traveling and experiencing new places, cultures and food. 

Roza Ridwan French Teacher

Roza is from Auckland, New Zealand and moved here to Abu Dhabi in August 2019. She graduated from The University of Auckland in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts, double major in French and Art History. Following this, she completed a Graduate Diploma in Teaching specializing in secondary education in 2015. Roza has over three years of teaching experience in secondary schools in New Zealand both as a classroom teacher and as Head of French. She is passionate about learning languages because it opens the door to exploring other cultures and fosters connections between people; she hopes to share this enthusiasm and interest with her students. Roza is committed to building positive working, teaching and learning relationships with students, families and colleagues alike. She is grateful to be part of the Al Yasat family.

Kathryn Kastner MS/HS ELA English Teacher

Mrs. Katie Kastner is from the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina, in the United States. She loves to travel and has spent time in various countries across Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Mrs. Katie has experience teaching middle and high school students and is certified in the areas of English and Social Studies. She has earned a Master’s degree in teaching, a Gifted and Talented endorsement, and a Montessori credential in her journey as a lifelong learner. A bibliophile, Mrs. Katie particularly loves the plays of William Shakespeare and the stories of Edgar Allan Poe. She is looking forward to sharing her love of grammar and literature with the students of Al Yasat. 

Alexandru Cristian Hudita MS/HS PE Teacher
Mohamed Ahmed Othman Ahmed Ali Islamic Studies Teacher
James Mettilda MS/HS STEAM Lab Technician
Mariam Majiet MS/HS Social Studies teacher
Maryam Ahmed Nouri Al Darraji MS/HS Science Biology Teacher
Jessica Louise Mc Cabe MS/HS English Teacher
Ciaran Patrick Donnelly MS/HS Science Teacher (Chemistry)
Akinpelu Kolawole Egunjobi MS/HS Math Teacher
Sarish Naveed MS/HS Science Teacher
David Prendergast MS/ HS Social Studies Teacher/ Grade 9 Grade Level Leader
Stephen Stafford MS/HS Math Teacher
Mickiala Andrea Coles MS/HS English Teacher
Mohamed Abdelsamad Abdelmoeti Mohamed MS/HS Arabic Teacher
Jaklin Alzerouni Arabic Teacher (Native and Non-Native)
Farwa Farooq MS/HS Support Teacher
Lemya Abdullah Al Mazmi MS/HS Lab Technician (Science) Teaching Assistant
Nimesha Pushpasiri Gonsalge MS/HS (Music) Teaching Assistant