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Al Yasat Private School



Nadine Harb HOD,KG2 Class Teacher
Mrs. Nadine obtained her Bachelor of Business degree from Amman, Jordan. She worked as a kindergarten home room teacher for four years prior to joining Al Yasat Private School in 2011. Mrs. Harb has engaged in workshops that are related to classroom management, learning using technology and advanced learning classroom structures. She has advanced her career by applying the 21 century means of Education in the classroom. Additionally, she worked one to one with Special Needs Students. She coordinated Social Studies section from Grade 1 to 6 for two years. Nadine acquired her International Post Graduate in Education (Primary) from University of Warwick- London. Her thesis focused in her IPGCE on a better inclusion of Special Needs Students in mainstreams classrooms. She believes that every child deserves to have a chance to be educated. She loves art, dancing and cooking new international dishes.
Maham Rai KG2 Class Teacher
Maham was raised in London and valued education which led her to studying Education in London, graduating and then moving out to the Middle East. She has worked in Qatar and Oman over the last 3 years, gaining valuable teaching experience, teaching an array of children from different backgrounds. It has given Maham valuable experience in working with students whose second language is English and has allowed her to deliver the British National Curriculum. Maham now looks forward to starting her journey in Abu Dhabi with the Al Yasat team and implementing the American Curriculum. Maham likes to make children feel safe and secure in the classroom environment whilst providing creative, fun and structured play to allow for key development and learning to take place. She is always looking for a range of activities that have never been done before and relishes in giving children creative and out of the box tasks. Maham is delighted to be a part of Al Yasat and is looking forward to developing herself as a teacher under a great team.
Monique Kelly Caetano KG1 Class Teacher
Monique has always shown a passion for working with children and engaging in charitable causes which led her on her path to being an educator. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Psychology and English from the University of South Africa and then went on to complete her PGCE in Foundation Phase. Monique worked with various children during her education in the fields of teaching, tutoring and au pairing and each experience served as a foundation on which she continues to build upon as her knowledge and experience expands. Her love for travel and exploring new cultures led her to the UAE in 2016 where she worked as a Grade 2 teacher at a Private school in Ajman, which provided her the opportunity to expand her skills of differentiation in a culture rich environment. Monique is a hard-working team player who aims to provide ample learning opportunities for children to experience in an enjoyable and meaningful way. She believes that patience and understanding are the stepping-stones to which great enrichment is achieved and these are vital to ensure that each and every child reaches their full potential. Monique is excited to be entering her second year as part of the Al Yasat Private School family as a KG 1 teacher and looks forward to developing her teaching career here.
Stephanie Baikie KG1 Class Teacher
Stephanie started her teaching career in 2010, teaching nursery school learners and studying Early Childhood Development. In 2012, she left teaching to study full time at the University of Johannesburg, where she obtained a Bachelor of Education degree, with distinction. She has always had a passion for working with children and did charitable work for a number of years. Stephanie has since taught Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade R at Private Schools in Johannesburg. Her teaching philosophy is to create a safe, positive learning environment in which learners are able to thrive. She focuses on the children in her class, not only learning academically but also learning social and life skills to better contribute to the community. She enjoys partaking in extra-curricular activities and has coached both table tennis and netball.
Dina Abou Taha KG1/KG2 Arabic /Islamic Teacher
Dina hails from Egypt and has lived in Abu Dhabi for the last 7 years. She is a holder of Kindergarten Faculty Bachelor degree from Alexandria University Egypt. She has worked as a kindergarten Arabic teacher for seven years at the Egyptian English Language School, Egypt. In 2003, she started working at Abu Dhabi at Castle Private School. Dina has been at Al Yasat Private School since August, 2013. During this period she has held the position of Arabic teacher for KG classes. She was engaged in workshops that are related to classroom management, learning using technology and advanced learning classroom structures, special Needs Education. She has advanced her career by applying the 21 century skills. In order to develop the students’ spoken and written Arabic, Dina works closely with her team to ensure all planning is completed and submitted in a timely fashion. Her lessons are practical and positive and her students are enthusiastic to learn. Dina is a caring and supportive member of our team. Her lessons are taught in a manner appropriate for KG and enjoys communicating with parents regularly. She likes to prepare her class for significant school events performance.
Marwa Ammar KG2 Arabic /Islamic Teacher

Marwa is from Egypt and has lived in Abu Dhabi from 2010 with her family. She has 2 children. Marwa obtained her Bachelor of Education in Arabic from Alexandria University in Egypt. She has 9 years experience and has worked at Islamia English school and Al Dhafra Private School. Her positions were as an Arabic teacher for Arab and non Arab speakers. She has many interests including reading,swimming and handwriting. Marwa has advanced her career by applying​ ​ the​ ​ 21​ ​ century​ ​ skills.

Gladys Makotose KG Teaching Assistant
Athena Emma Xavier KG - Assistant Teacher
Edel Madden KG1 Class Teacher
Linda Margret Bivera KG - Assistant Teacher
Rhei Leonardo KG Assistant Teacher
Subhana Bhadran KG/ES Digital Art/Coding
Tara Curran KG2 Class Teacher
Cymren Fernando KG Assistant Teacher
Rhonalyn Samonte Yambao KG Assistant Teacher