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American curriculum school in the capital city, Abu Dhabi, offering enriched and remarkable educational provision to develop well-rounded transcendent glob…

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Al Yasat Private School

(K-12) Staff and Specialist Teachers


Rea Ramos Clerical Librarian
Rea Ramos-Pastrana comes from the shoe capital of the Philippines Marikina City. She completed her Bachelor degree in Library and Information Science at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. After graduating she became a high-school librarian in her alumni school in Rodriguez Rizal for almost 2 years. Then she transferred in a Maritime school as an academic librarian. Rea has lived in the U.A.E for almost seven years now. She has been a librarian at Al Yasat for four years now and she loves to read stories with children.
Labiba Abu Khadra School Councellor
Mrs. Labiba has B.A degree in Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology. With over 19 years of working in schools with students, between teaching and counselling, spending 10 continuous years in Al Yasat. For the 15 years, she has been living in Abu Dhabi, with her husband and their four kids. One of Labiba`s self-set targets is to see the children enjoying learning with self-confidence to reach what they aspire.​ ​ Labiba​ ​ loves​ ​ traveling​ ​ and​ ​ enjoys​ ​ walking.
Rania Allouh Arabic (Non Arab) Teacher
Rania Allouh worked at Al Yasat Private School since August 2000. She holds the position of Arabic teacher for Non-Native Speakers for the Elementary classes. Rania’s four children have all studied all studied at Al Yasat.