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23 Sep, 2019
Student’s role in keeping UAE safe.

Al Yasat Private School has the honor to host the brothers Walid Mohammed Al-Naqeeb from the Community Police Department Al Shamkha Branch and First Assistant Ali Hussein Ali from Abu Dhabi (...)

05 Sep, 2019
First Day of School (Grade 9 – 11) School Re-opening

First Day of School (Grade 9 – 11)

05 Sep, 2019
First Day of School (Grade 1 – 8) School Re-opening

First Day of School (Grade 1 – 8)

17 Mar, 2019
Book Fair 2019

Book Fair 2019

04 Mar, 2019
Children Around The World

Children Around The World

29 Nov, 2018
National Day

National Day Celebrations

01 Nov, 2018
Flag Day Flag Day

Flag Day Celebrations