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Awards & Appreciations Year Comments & Acclaims Red Crescent for Caring Life 2002 Appreciation Certificate for helping Palestinian children SHELL &…

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Al Yasat Private School

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Appreciations Year Comments & Acclaims
Red Crescent for Caring Life 2002 Appreciation Certificate for helping Palestinian children
SHELL & The Federal Environment Agency 2003 Appreciation Certificate for participant in the ‘Better Environment Awards (B.E.A.)’
Red Crescent for Caring Life 2003 Appreciation Certificate for supporting and helping people around the world - Ramadan & Eid occasion
Better Environment Award 2003 Certificate of Appreciation for Better Environment Award Scheme
Environment Agency Abu Dhabi 2006 Appreciation Certificate for encouraging the participation of the students in the agency’s environment
Red Crescent Award 2007 Appreciation Certificate for helping & supporting the project of Charity
Municipality of Abu Dhabi 2008 Appreciation Certificate
Abu Dhabi Malayalee Samajam 2008 Active participation
Abu Dhabi Athletic Association 2009 Participation Award UAE Athletics
Abu Dhabi Tennis Club Championship Award 2010 Single Player Award
Watani Al Emarat 2013 For support & significant contribution
AdvancED Accreditation 2015 AdvancED Accreditation till 2020
Abu Dhabi Red Crescent Society 2016 Children Helping Children Charity Organization Donation of 18,000 to Abu Dhabi Red Crescent Society
KAGAN Pathway School of Excellence Award 2017 Award appreciating excelled by using the Kagan cooperative learning methodology in their daily teaching strategies
MASDAR Certificate of Appreciation - Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2017 Appreciation Certificate for encouraging Environmental Awareness Program
Best Foreign Directing by a Child 2017 KidzFlicks (Sydney International Festival of Films by Children) Award for best Foreign Directing by a Child
Formula Ethara 2018 Certificate of Appreciation Formula Ethara UAE National Final
Formula Ethara 2018 Best Race reaction time outright UAE National Final
International School Awards (ISA) 2018 Innovation in Education Award from International School Awards (ISA)
UAE Delf Junior A1 French Exam 2019

Khalid Al Hosani (Grade 10) third place in the UAE Delf Junior A1 French Exam


2021 Team Alyasat Pro
7,000 Dirhams Grant from Unified Champion Schools Summit 2022 NSTI Finalist
Winner of the "Youth Inclusive Leadership" award from UAESO 2022 Team Alyasat Pro
Recipient of the "Innovate for Inclusion" and "Lead to Include" 2022 Team Alyasat Pro
Car #505
Designed, built and competed successfully by Team AYPS WHITE SHARKS!
2023 Team White Sharks
EVP "The first UAE Electric Car Grand Prix 2023" 2023 Team White Sharks
Winner of "Technical Innovation Award" for STEM Electric Vehicle 2023 Team White Sharks
Al Yasat Private School Winner of The “Technical Innovation Competition “ at "EVP" the first UAE Electric Car Grand Prix 2023” held in Abu Dhabi on Al Hudariyat Island. 2023 Team White Sharks


At Al Yasat Private School, we encourage compassion and kindness, and that is seen through the multiple charity initiatives that take place throughout the year in partnership with Emirates Red Crescent. The following are some of those mentionable ones:
Ramadan Food Drive We have been successful for the past two years of achieving our goal of donating over 20,000 Dirhams in charity donations to Emirates Red Crescent
Have a Heart Campaign (Donation of blankets)
Dress-up days
Popcorn Charity Days at the end of every month


Sports Awards & Appreciations Year Comments & Acclaims
ADISSA League International Competitions 2017 Students from Grade 1 to 11 won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the league players
ADISSA League International Competitions 2018 Students from Grade 1 to 11 won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the league players
ADISSA League International Competitions 2019 Students from Grade 1 to 11 won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the league players
Swimming Gala organized by Amity, Repton 2018 Our school won 4th & 5th places for the Swimming gala
Football Appreciations
ADISSA League tournament 2018-19 2018 Our U/15 Girls Football Team won the 2nd place in the league tournament
ADISSA League tournament 2019 2019 Our U/15 Boys Football Team won the 1st place in the league tournament. And 3rd place against the best international schools in Abu Dhabi
ADISSA League Tournament 2019 2019 Our U/13, U/15, U/16 competed and won the games against the other top international schools over the last 2 seasons
Basketball Appreciations
ADISSA League Tournament 2018-19 2018 Our U/14 Basketball team won 3rd place in the tournament at New York University
Basketball tournaments 2017 Our U/15 team were winners in significant number of matches against JSA Sports Club


Al Yasat Private School Eco-Club Achievements
1- Registration of AYPS in the sustainable schools initiative ( Environment Agency).
2- Green Audits . It was obvious that the green areas increased in the school and the number of native plant species increased.
3- Students have raised awareness about the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment through presentations in the auditorium. They are more knowledgeable about environmental problems in the UAE and how to share and participate in solving these problems.
4- AYPS students attend the Sustainability Week Exhibition every year in ADNEC where they learn more about sustainability and the new discoveries.
5- AYPS won first place award for the BEST OUTDOOR EDUCATION.
6- Due to the large number of students who like to join the Eco Club, AYPS has a middle school group and a high school group.
7- AYPS Eco CLub students and even many classes shared in certain activities such as cleaning public areas in Al Shamkha, planting in and outside the school.
8- AYPS Eco Club planted certain plants in the school in collaboration with the Bangladesh Islamic School. The activity was reported in the Gulf Magazine.
9- AYPS Eco Club students planted the GHAF Tree.
10. The Eco Club shared in many competitions such best environmental invention and best environmental film by Bee’ah company.
11- Eco Club students built a solar still to clean the water and reuse it. Eco Club students are working to develop this project by constructing water sprinklers that are powered by solar energy.
12- Three students were selected by YOUTH 4SUSTAIANBILITY (MASDAR) to be the sustainability ambassadors. They are Khaled Al Hosani ( grade 10 ), Maryam Jumaa (Grade 10 ), and Shaikha Hessa Al Qasemi ( grade 11).
13- Parents helped in raising environmental awareness among our students through certain presentations in the auditorium.