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Al Yasat Private School (AYPS) students clinched the National Title in the elementary school/SPARK category at the prestigious Mubarmij50 - 2023 MakeX Robo…

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Al Yasat Private School


News & Events ‎09/01/2024‎


Al Yasat Private School (AYPS) students clinched the National Title in the elementary school/SPARK category at the prestigious Mubarmij50 - 2023 MakeX Robotics Competition held last Nov 23. 

The students, who chose the name “Neon Nomads” for their group, bested over 120+ other schools from across the United Arab Emirates. ES coding teacher Subhana Bhadran served as their team leader. 

Two more teams from AYPS also emerged victorious, placing 14th and 18th positions in their respective categories. 

“Mubarmij50, a prestigious annual competition sponsored by Sandooq Al Watan and organized by EdNex and Aldar Education, witnessed a remarkable display of talent from over 100 schools across the UAE,” Ms. Bhadran said. “This year's focus on global environmental concerns aligns with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed's declaration of 2023 as the Year of Sustainability.” 

We’re proud to announce the impressive standings of our teams, listed as follows. 

AYPS Neon Nomads

First Position - YOUNG ALL-ROUNDER

This team received the highest score among all 120+ participating teams, a remarkable achievement that made them qualify for the International competition!

Team members: 

  • Tarf Abdulla Hasan Marei Al Karbi (5F)
  • Rivan Sharma (5F)
  • Mansour Yousef Mohamed Khamis Al Kaabi (5F)
  • Mohamed Abdulla Mohammed Naseer Al Hashmi (5F)


10th Position - YOUNG INNOVATOR

Team members:

  • Hafez Islam Hafez Ibrahim Hafez Matar (5R)
  • Khalifa Saif Mohamed Ali Al Thehli (5R)
  • Alghala Ali Mohamed Ahmed Al Messabi (4Co)


14th Position - YOUNG DESIGNER

Team members: 

  • Shamsa Fadel Mohammed Arhama Al Shamsi (5R)
  • Wadha Abdulla Saif Qahtan Al Hanaee (5S)
  • Mohammed Fayez Mohammed Shanjal Al Shehhi (4Ca)


18th Position - YOUNG DESIGNER

Team members: 

  • Afraa Nasser Abdulla Juma Al Kaabi (5E)
  • Amna Hamdan Mohamed Salem Alhammadi (5E)
  • Fatima Mohamed Hadi Alsayed Mousa Almousawi (5E)
  • Mahdi Farah Abdulrahman Mahdi Farah Al Sheraifi (5E)

The entire school community sends heartfelt congratulations to all the participating teams from AYPS for securing positions in the top 20. Moreover, a special shout-out to the team heading to the international competition – your journey has just begun!

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