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Re-Enrollment is for the existing students of Al Yasat Private School. For new admissions, please fill the 'Apply Online' form. As we are getting c…

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Re-Enrollment is for the existing students of Al Yasat Private School. For new admissions, please fill the 'Apply Online' form.

As we are getting closer to the commencement of a new academic year, it is requested to secure the seat for your child/children by submitting the form below. Once you submit the details, the Admissions Representative will send you the details of registration fees and further proceedings.

If you require any further details regarding re-enrollment or have any questions regarding the process, please contact us by phone at 02 641 2300 or email (Please enable JavaScript to view this email address).

To ensure your child reserves a seat in the next grade level for the upcoming academic year, it is mandatory that you comply with the following steps.

Re-Enroll Now for the Academic Year 2024-2025

Enter the name same as in the school ID card
Enter the eSIS number same as in the school ID card



Parent / Gaurdian Details
  • My child(ren) and I understand the adherence to Al Yasat Private School’s policies and procedures that is required for continued enrollment in the school.
  • Re-registration is on a first come first serve basis and is completed only on the submission of the payment of registration fees.
  • I certify my child(ren)'s account balance is in good standing and without any balance.
  • In order to re-register, current year school fees need to be realized for the student.
  • Parent who would like to have invoice for 2024-25, can be collected upon receipt of registration, as a process to reimburse from your employer for the school fee
  • Re-registration fees not sufficient to be placed on the new academic year class list.
  • First term starts on August 28,2024, will be due on the date and needs to be paid before entering into the class.
  • First Term Fee payment modes.(Post Dated cheques for Term 1 is not acceptable)                                  

                 a. Cash payments                                             
                 b. Card payment
                 c. Ecommerce
                 d. Bank Transfer

  • Company invoices need to be collected from accounts specifying the details well in advance to manage the schedule of payment.

                (By clicking Submit I hereby understand and agree to all the conditions mentioned above)