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Below is a detailed breakdown of Al Yasat Private School’s fees structure. Application Fee A fee of AED 500.00 will be made towards each new applicat…

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Al Yasat Private School

Fee Structure

Below is a detailed breakdown of Al Yasat Private School’s fees structure.

Application Fee

A fee of AED 500.00 will be made towards each new application and file processing for new students.

Reservation Fee

A reservation fee of AED 1,000 is payable each year to reserve a seat for the following school year. New students are also charged the same fee payable within seven (7) days of notice of acceptance. This fee is applied towards the tuition fee.

School Fee

Grade Level Tuition & Book Fees 2023-24
KG1 – KG 2 AED 33,690
Grade1 - Grade 3 AED 38,100
Grade 4 AED 42,280
Grade 5 AED 41,820
Grade 6 AED 41,710
Grade 7 AED 44,840
Grade 8 AED 44,640
Grade 9  AED 53,200
Grade 10 AED 53,470
Grade 11 AED 53,420
Grade 12 AED 54,030

The above fees for our American school in Abu Dhabi are not inclusive of uniforms and transportation. 

Books – Resource Fee

This fee partly covers the cost of learning resources provided to students during the course of the year.

Students have access to:

  • Ministry textbooks
  • Borrowing of subject textbooks
  • Online digital resources
    (including Raz kids, Think Central, Literacy Pro)

Bus Fees

Bus Fees AED 5,000. (Optional Service)


The school will issue invoices to all returning students prior to the end of the school year. New students are invoiced when they are accepted for admission.

Payment Schedules – Annual or Installments

Payment of tuition and fees is due on or before August 25th. All payments must be received before starting each term. Payment for new students joining after the start of the school year is due before starting classes. A student’s name will not be added to a class list until payment is received. Student names will not be added to the bus list until all tuition fees are received.

Parents are personally responsible for the timely payment of all private school fees, irrespective of arrangements made with an employer.

Payment may be made in full or on an installment basis:

  • Fall Term: 40% Due on or before 25th August
  • Winter Term: 30% Due on or before 25th December
  • Spring Term: 30% Due on or before 25th March

Payment Methods

You may elect to make payments to AYS using any one of the following methods:

  • Cash Payment – UAE Dirhams only
  • Card Payment – All major cards acceptable in the UAE
  • Dirham Cheque – Payable to Al Yasat Private School drawn on one of the local (UAE) banks
  • Wire Transfer – Payable in UAE Dirhams only (All fees associated with the wire transfer are the responsibility of the payer).

Post-dated Checks (PDC): In case parents wish to withdraw the PDC, they should inform the school in writing or via email, 7 days prior to the PDC date. All PDCs will be returned in lieu of a payment in cash or through card.


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