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Al Yasat Private School provides an inclusive learning environment to help students at all levels of their learning journey. We consider every child unique…

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Al Yasat Private School

Learning Support

Al Yasat Private School provides an inclusive learning environment to help students at all levels of their learning journey. We consider every child unique. To support every student, our school has a dedicated learning support team that helps to identify and resolve learning challenges. Teachers, learning specialists, parents, and children work together to identify academic and behavioral goals and support each child in accomplishing them. The school hosts a sensory room, kinesthetic classroom, and other facilities to ensure that students have an appropriate learning space where they can explore and learn. 

Most students are able to have their needs met within the classroom using differentiated strategies. However, when students require more than differentiated support in the classroom they could receive learning support.

After-school Learning Support: Students will receive extra learning support in subjects like English Language, Arts, Maths, Science, Arabic and Islamic. Students are given the chance to ask questions, gain better understanding and enhance their knowledge of key concepts.

People Of Determination Coordinator (PODCo): At Al Yasat, our PODCo is responsible for identifying and adopting the most effective teaching approaches for students with special educational needs (SEN). The PODCo monitors teaching and learning activities to meet the needs of students with SEN and along with the partnership of teaching staff, identifies and teaches study skills that will help develop students’ ability to work independently. The PODCo has responsibility for requesting the involvement of an Educational Psychologist and other external services, if needed. The school works in close collaboration with these specialists to offer targeted interventions through therapies and consider these services fundamental within a balanced program for students who require learning support. 

School Counselling Services: The school counsellor helps assist students improve their well-being and works very closely with the SENCO. The counsellor ensures that issues like bullying, learning difficulties, low self-esteem, poor academic performance and relationship troubles are addressed and attended to accordingly. The counsellor along our teachers evaluate students’ abilities, interests and personalities to help them develop realistic life goals to aid on the path to success.