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Children start KG 1 in September after completing 3 years of age. Kindergarten stage is a two-year program. Kindergarten Curriculum follows the US Common C…

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Al Yasat Private School


Children start KG 1 in September after completing 3 years of age. Kindergarten stage is a two-year program.

Kindergarten Curriculum follows the US Common Core State Standards and Core Knowledge Sequence. The incentive behind Core Knowledge is simple and powerful learning. The Sciences are also aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Arabic is taught to native and non-native speakers along with Islamic Studies for Muslim students as per the Ministry of Education (MoE) standards and curriculum. An integrated approach to the curriculum ensures that science and social studies, linked to other curriculum subjects, are taught through units of work studied over several weeks. This is in addition to the direct teaching of English language, Arts and Mathematics. Key skills are taught through a variety of topics that can then be transferred and used in wider learning environments.


Great focus is placed on ensuring students are engaged in innovative strategies of learning that develop from students’ interests and guide them to become responsible global citizens. The KG department works hard to ensure that students feel safe and comfortable. The first few weeks of school are critical as students settle into their new learning environments and develop new routines. Punctuality and regular attendance are crucial in ensuring students continue to progress in leaps and bounds as they set the tone for a successful year.

Our teachers place students at the forefront and target teaching catering to students’ individual needs. Communication is of prime importance and parent-teacher collaboration is essential for the progress students make. Teachers share various digital platforms (applications, learning programs and web-based programs) through which students can apply learning at home where parents are abreast with their ward’s learning and understanding.

The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence in Kindergarten is based around five areas of learning:
  • Physical well-being and motor development
  • Social and emotional development
  • Approaches to learning
  • Language development
  • Knowledge acquisition and cognitive development.

In KG 2 there are many cross curricular connections to history and Science topics within the Language,  Arts (e.g. poems, stories, and sayings) as well as to visual arts and music.

The emphasis throughout the Kindergarten Stage is on engaging the children in first-hand learning experiences with a very strong emphasis on play and early communication skills. There is an emphasis on developing the children's independence throughout all aspects of the curriculum. Role-play is used as a way of developing the children's expressive language skills; role-play areas change regularly in classrooms and central areas.

Parents are actively encouraged to support their children's development through reading and home/school linked phonic and letter formation activities.

The school day begins at 7.45 am when students are welcomed into class in preparation for a 7.50am start. Kindergartners finish school at 1:00 pm and parents are invited to collect their children from the classroom.

KG Facilities

Our learning environments are well resourced and maintained to provide students with a range of multi-sensory activities. There is a full time helper in every class who adds valuable support to all students.

All classrooms have interactive whiteboards to support the children's learning; these offer ways to support and consolidate day to day skills and allow access to the world outside through interactive websites. Our indoor play area features a range of activities, including wheeled vehicles, soft climbing walls, playground equipment and a fall free surface that keeps them fully occupied at break times. Students also have access to a fully equipped outdoor playground and a range of activities such as water play, sand play, mark making and small world play. They enjoy play time at Indoor Role Play Village, Indoor Climbing Wall, Musical Movement, Organic Garden, Multi-sensory Room, Water-Play Area and Library.