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At the end of the kindergarten stage, students enter elementary school. Elementary school in Abu Dhabi is a five-year phase covering Grade 1 to Grade 5. Th…

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Al Yasat Private School


At the end of the kindergarten stage, students enter elementary school. Elementary school in Abu Dhabi is a five-year phase covering Grade 1 to Grade 5.

The Al Yasat Private School is a famous primary school in Abu Dhabi that provides a learning environment that’s well resourced, meticulously designed and maintained, thereby providing students a range of child-oriented, hands-on and multi-sensory activities. All classrooms are equipped with smart interactive whiteboards and up-to-date educational amenities.

Specialist Teaching

Teaching assistants in one of the best primary schools in Abu Dhabi support the class teachers in the delivery of the curriculum. Specialist teachers deliver the programs for Arabic, Islamic Studies (for Muslim students), UAE Social Studies, Music and PE. Specialist teaching rooms for ICT, Music, PE and Food Technology complete the department facilities.

The English Language Arts program at the Al Yasat Private School aims to develop strong speaking, writing and listening skills along with accuracy, fluency and comprehension skills. It is aligned to US Common Core State Standards (CCSS System). "Talk for Writing" is emphasized in every stage to develop coherence and structure in language use.

Experiential Learning Focus

Projects related to the subject are performed by the students to enhance their knowledge. An additional feature of the integrated units is providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) experiences to students where they perform science tasks in a collaborative environment. The curriculum is further enriched with educational visits, seminars, talks by subject experts, performances, celebrations and carnivals.

Al Yasat adopts everyday mathematics from the University of Chicago to help students connect the study of mathematics to real-world contexts. Our science program is linked to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Students develop expertise across the disciplines of Science, Social Studies and PSHCE through integrated units of study designed to provoke inquiry, raise engagement and harness 21st century skills.

In elementary school, our curriculum is language-rich, integrated and practical to promote personal learning.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about our elementary education program, primary school fees in Abu Dhabi, grade 1 school admission in 2024 or registration to higher grades.