Admissions Policy


Al Yasat is an inclusive community offering an American curriculum.  Our Admissions Policy can be downloaded here 

  II. Scholarships

The school does not offer discounts on our approved fees. However, we do offer a Humanitarian Scholarship each year to a needy family. To apply you must submit a completed application form along with a letter stating the reason for the request. This must be supported by an official letter from your place of employment for both mother & father stating total annual and monthly salaries, along with copies of the mother’s & father’s passport. A personal interview will be scheduled once all of the paper work has been received.

Scholarships for Gifted and Talented children are also available

All scholarship applications will be submitted to the School’s Board of Directors for review. Scholarships may be partial or in-full. Scholarships are for one year only and a new application should be made for each year.

All decisions of the Board are final and binding.