School Life
  AYPS Basketball Tryouts For 2017-2018

  Welcome K2 Students 2017

This video clip was taken during the first hour of our K2 students first day in class and there is
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  Civil Defence train students

The Middle School students were involved in a vital training session that was conducted by the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Civil Defence. This training helped to provide some very important information to our students and to prepare them for specific emergency situations.

We would like to thank the Civil Defence team for informing our students on how to stay safe!

  Welcome Grade 9 Boys!

This video of one of our grade 9 boys classes was captured on the first day of school.

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  Movember at AYS

  Breast Cancer Awareness and 500 cupcakes!

  Student Council Elections

  Senior Library

  Engaging Students Program - Dr. Nasef Dhafari

Tuesday, Sept 6 - Guest speaker Dr. Nasef Dhafari visited Al Yasat to speak to our G6-8 students. 

He is a leader at the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and the Director of the local chapter of Toastmasters International. Dr. Dhafari provided a very interactive experience for our students and staff, with information on leadership, presentation and discipline, which they can practically use and apply to their everyday life. 

Our Engaging Students Program has been designed to motivate and engage our students through lectures and events.

  Guest speakers inspire AYS students

Our students had two very inspiring lectures by guest speakers Mr. Mohamed Al Qahdi, from the Office of Strategic Affairs and a member of HH Crown Prince Court, and Dr. Ahmed Ali Murad, Dean of College of Science at UAEU. They highlighted the importance of a good education and working hard to achieve success. 

  KG2 First Day 2016 - 2017

Our KG2 classes have begun 

  KG1 First Day 2016 - 2017

Great job to all our KG1 students on their first day in a big school!

  Welcome back to Al Yasat 2016 - 2017

  Director's Ice Cream Buffet

Students from Grade 1 - 8 who have worked hard over the year were invited to an ice cream buffet by the school's Director. We would like to give a round of applause to all these students for their great effort.

A special thanks goes to Meera Jasim in Grade 6, for helping with the photography.

  Back to School Night

  Splish Splash!

  Dance Class (Girls)

  Food Technology

  Ground Hockey

  Mural Painting

  Piano Lessons

  Robotics and Engineering


  Student Council

  Television Station and Newsroom - Al Yasat Today

  UAE Culture and Heritage

  Sports Day G1+2

  Media and Cinematography Club Students

Our grade 6 through 9 after school Media & Cinematography Club Students have been working hard on their group projects

combining  team work and hard work as they bring their ideas into fruition.

  2018 After School Creative Fun In The Art Club


"The 2018 Good Year" Presentation by the Grade 8 Girls

A beautiful presentation was prepared for the 2018 Good Year by our 8th grade girls under the direction of our Grade 6 to 9 Social Studies Teacher Mrs. Reham Al-Morshedi.

The presentation focused on explaining the concept of the year of good with a simplified explanation of the objectives with a special talk about the achievements of Sheikh Zayed.


في صباح هذا اليوم تم عمل عرض تقديمي بواسطة صف ثامن البنات 

حيث قاموا بإعداد هذا العرض عن عام الخير لعام ٢٠١٨ بقيادة المعلمة ريهام المرشدي معلمة الدراسات الإجتماعية من الصف السادس إلى التاسع  بتوضيح ماهو عام الخير ؟ومن هو صاحب فكرة تسمية هذا العام ؟ مع شرح مبسط عن أهداف هذا العرض وأيضاً يتحدث عن إنجازات الشيخ زايد رحمه الله

  AYPS Book Character Day 2017

Students dressed as characters from their favorite books, shared moments from the stories with their classes and had a day filled with fun as we celebrated the impotance of reading.